Zannah is a world vocalist and composer who is
passionate about the human soul and the primal desires
that unite mankind across cultures.


Driven by her love to perform and “evoke emotions laid dormant” in her audiences, Zannah’s music is highly emotive and authentic to her own lived experiences.

ZANNAH IS - The pseudonym for the Brisbane-based contemporary world songstress, Susanna O’Leary.

With an eclectic taste, Zannah’s music reflects her love of various musical styles which travel through the realms of pop, rock, Flamenco, Persian, Celtic and everything in between.

Over the last ten years, Zannah has performed in various bands that cover music from contemporary and world music styles. In that time she has performed at notable venues around Australia including the Brisbane Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane Cabaret Festival, City sounds, BEMAC events and Easterfest.

At the beginning of Zannah’s career, she was announced winner of an international songwriters competition for her song ‘Always for you’. This track was selected in the US to feature on the compilation album ‘Catch A Rising Star’.

In 2010 and 2011 Zannah was named a finalist in the UK song contest (2010 and 2011) for her songs ‘Dame tu pasión’ (2010 ) and ‘A Summer’s Christmas’ (2011) selected from over 5,000 entrants worldwide.


Light yourself
on fire with passion
and people will
come for miles
to watch you burn.


Her latest album, “The Promised Land”  tackles the contemporary world genre in a powerful and modern manner that highlights Zannah’s syncretic world views, her authenticity and devotion to all music genres. With rave reviews, her music has been described as “experimental, bold and gloriously expansive”  and “one of the most untethered statements to come out of Australia in recent memory” (SpeakerTV 2018).

Recently voted into the 4ZZZ top 100 charts 2018 amongst well known artists “Bjork” and “The Presets” there is no doubt that Zannah, with her explosive vocal prowess, her classical and modern influences, has created something accessible and appealing to both mature and youthful audiences.